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You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints or plan a vacation without an itinerary! 

      And yet, most parents tumble aimlessly into parenthood without even considering a long-term strategy for their children’s health, happiness and success. Parenting Pearls guides parents to thoughtfully create individualized parenting plans for each child, while also providing the context needed to understand the significance of how feeding and eating habits affect children biologically and psychologically for the rest of their lives. The myth of colic leads families down a dangerous and destructive path. But, with humor and concrete empirical data, Dr. Gettleman offers his revolutionary approach on how to avoid “colic” and bypass the triggers that cause obesity later in life. 

Pearl [ purl ]


something precious or

choice; the finest

example of anything:

pearls of wisdom



Your job as

a parent is to prepare

your child to be a

successful adult.

Just as the layers of a pearl form to protect the nacre from external irritation, Dr. Gettleman’s Pearls form resource layers that parents can use to ensure the safety and positive self development of their most treasured gems, their children.

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